iOS 10 Public Beta: How To Install on iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch [VIDEO]

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At the yearly WWDC keynote, Apple showed off its new version of iOS — iOS 10. This software won’t be available for the public until the Fall, which is also when Apple‘s new iPhone will be released. Though, they did mention there will be a beta of iOS 10 in July for the public to try out on their devices before the official launch later this year. The public beta for iOS 10 is now available and the video above will show you how to get it on your iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch before your friend so!

**Be aware this is a BETA version of iOS 10, which can include bugs, app freezes, crashes, reboots, etc. If you don’t mind these small hiccups, go ahead and try it out for yourself. Be sure to backup your device and achieve the backup using iTunes.

  1. Make sure your device is updated to iOS 9.3.2 (or the latest version of 9.x.x)
  2. Open the Safari app and go to
  3. Sign up for the Apple Beta Software Program by signing in with your Apple ID/Password
  4. Once signed up, scroll down and click on “enroll your iOS device”
  5. Archive an iOS backup if you want to recover any data if you downgrade back to iOS 9.x.x.**
  6. Once backup is complete, scroll down and click on “Download profile”
  7. Tap on Agree > Install > Install
  8. Open Settings app > General > Software Update
  9. Tap on Download and Install update. (Device will need to be at 50% battery and connected to WiFi in order to download and install update)

Download is determined by your internet connection and beta servers so it may take several minutes depending on these factors.. Installation will take several minutes as well so sit patiently. After download and installation is complete, congratulations! You are now on iOS 10 public beta! When future updates are available, you can simply update as normal by going into Settings > General > Software Updates. For future updates and videos, follow on social media and subscribe to the YouTube channel.

For future updates and videos, subscribe to the YouTube channel.
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